Nod32 not updating

Joey(realizing what everyone else did a minute ago) Ohhh.(Phoebe and Rachel look uncomfortable.) Phoebe Um, cake.

Clicking on Update Now only changes the time; the version is still 4522.If you want the assurance of your VPN always working with Netflix in any country, Tor Guard is the safest best.If you hoped to get access to Netflix from another country without paying for a VPN, you’re out of luck.[2016-07-19/] [Info] Parsing & writing new (/opt/etc/nod32-mirror/nod32mirror/update.ver) versions file [2016-07-19/] [Notice] Mirroring " - "/opt/etc/nod32-mirror/nod32mirror" complete!If the server rejects the username it needs to be eneterd again in the following format: DOMAIN\USERNAME.

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