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"We're here raising up our voices and our glitter in shouts of joy in support of marriage equality," Tishun said.

Few say they would describe the law as a success thus far, only 11% say so in the poll, while 35% say it has been a failure and 53% say it's too soon to make a judgment.

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In 2005, John Roberts was nominated by President George W.

On same sex marriage, 63% of those who see a constitutional right for gay or lesbian couples to marry say they trust the court at least a moderate amount on same-sex marriage.

Among those who do not see such a right, just 25% have that much trust in the court.

That split is similar to Americans' assessment of the law last year around this time, though slightly fewer call it a failure now (39% said so last year).

Supreme Court cases on same-sex marriage and the 2010 health care overhaul have been among the court's most high-profile rulings in recent years, and opinions on those two issues divide views on the Supreme Court generally.

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