Who is shenelle scott dating who is alex pettyfer dating in 2016

Yes, Hip-hop weekly did an exclusive interview with video model Shenelle Scott(after she was paid an undisclosed amount) in April of 2007. Hip-Hop Disclaimer: I do not claim to have any ownership of any of the pictures shown above.

In the interview,it is said that Shenelle Scott was paid a nice sum by Jay Z to keep her mouth shut about Jay Z's alleged love child. Well, i always believe that there is always some truth to every rumor so i do believe that Jay z could be this little boy's father, but i think he probably wasn't too sure till now. I hope i have unraveled this very intricate story for you and now you can judge for yourselves as to who the father is. Sources:rhymeswithsnitch.blogspot.comsandrarosenews.blogspot.com I am a blogger whose job is to bring the truth ,as i see it, to the people.

Afterall, Jay Z and Beyonce have been dating for five years now,since 2002. To save yourself some money,listen to radio host Wendy William's reading the article out loud on her show. Therefore,if he wasn't too sure then he could have denied all these years that Isa-Jael wasn't his. Now, if you feel that any information on this page has been misconstrued, then please contact me and we will talk. Get part 1 HERE and Part 2 , HERE So what does this mean for Jay z and Beyonce,hip-hop's most talked about couple? They have been taking vacations together and loving life, i presume. This is what i have been able to decipher:1) Jay z is the father and has known for sometime now and Beyonce already knows.2)Jay z is the father, but only came to find out recently through a paternity test that he is the father and Beyonce knows.3)Somebody else is the father(Benny Boom? I predict that the video vixen is well aware of who her baby's father is and she is doing a great job of collecting paychecks from people who are dying to know. There is a story here but i really don't believe that Jay Z would deny his son. In today's Saucy's Fun fridays segment, i will try to decipher and hopefully reveal the truth or at least i will come really close to revealing the truth.She has been linked to industry people such as Benny Boom, Nas, Jay Z, and she even dated Fizz from B2K.

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