Updating password mysql

If you can believe many diehard My SQL fans, My SQL is faster, more reliable, and cheaper -- or, simply put, better -- than any other database system (including commercial systems such as Oracle and DB2).Many My SQL opponents continue to challenge this viewpoint, going even so far as to assert that My SQL is not even a relational database system.User interface: There are a number of convenient user interfaces for administering a My SQL server.

Through the configuration setting sql-mode you can make the My SQL server behave for the most part compatibly with various database systems. (The setting sql-mode changes some of the syntax conventions, and performs no miracles.SQL is a standardized language for querying and updating data and for the administration of a database.There are several SQL dialects (about as many as there are database systems).Almost all of the familiar large database systems (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.) are client/server systems.These are in contrast to the file-server systems, which include Microsoft Access, d Base and Fox Pro.

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