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Adoption of the .45 M1887 Military Ball Cartridge resolved the Army's ammunition logistic problems.

The M1887 Govt round was replaced by the .38 Long Colt in 1892.

Colt began work on their 1873 Single Action Army Model in 1871.

The .45 Colt remains popular with renewed interest in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Cases used with .454" bullets may have to be full length resized to work in newer guns.

Speer handloading guidance states that the loads they show should be used only in handguns made specifically for modern smokeless powder. 10 reloading manual state that they do not exceed 15,000 psi.

Currently manufactured brass has a rim of adequate diameter for such uses.

Modern Winchesters, Marlins and replicas have remedied this omission almost 100 years after the fact, and the .45 Colt is now available in modern lever-action rifles.

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