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Three fucks later he's left for work and im here in bed with memories and a very satisfied pussy.Love xxx Hi again AMBER BABE, Glad to here you soundind a bit happier, Im a bit suprised that your guy hasnt contacted you yet., but if you do, I hope you continue to be happy, I wish it could be me, but I guesse I`ll have to dream on, ( Jealous or What ) LOL. Hugs & Kisses from me to you as usual, and a " SPECIAL ONE " for " PUSSY ", Take Care,... Last night was fantastic, my new guy was so romantic, a valantines night prince, we had a meal at a nice restaurant and went to a club where we chatted and drank before he offered to bring me home.I just dream about eating and licking you to a " MASSIVE ORGASM ", And hopefully more than a few,... naturaly I invited him in for a coffee which led to some kissing and his hands were soon touching my breasts and ass so I just said ''why don't we go to bed'' He didn't need asking twice, soon we were naked and I was holding a big hard cock that felt so right for having in my pussy, before long we were fucking like our lives depended on it, wow can this guy cum, ive never known a guy shoot so much inside me.),, & it was so "Intense" again, it was Beautifull,.. Anyway, enough of my dreams & wishfull thinking,, You go out and enjoy your party, (if you havent already by the time this is printed), And if you can, get Penny or Judy, to, ("Give You One"), A Good Licking Out, From Me. Hugs & Kisses, xxx popsie, My thoughts are always about pussy, and any guy who treats me right is an additional bonus.

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Hi AMBER BABE, GOD, Your such a tease, telling me what you have been up to, knowing that I wished it was "me" making you "CUM", You know Im jealous, LOL.when he does, I really hope that he treats you better than the last one did, and that you have a great time with him, as usual, ( Jealous part here, LOL. There are problems and there are problems, mine is simply too many lovers.), I wish it could be me, I would try and give you " THE TIME of YOUR LIFE " and make you happy, even if it was only for a few short hours. I love my guy with his fantastic big cock fucking me the way he does and I love to have sex with the girls, so sexy to be making out with other tender loving females., I just love the thought of you " CUMMING MASSIVELY " with another Giri/Woman, Id love to see it as well, But thats just another Dream !!! Well AMBER BABE, Im going to leave it there for now, Till next time, Hope you have " MASSES " of " CUMS ", will be thinking of you. XXX XXX popsie.continue: After a quick meal we retired to bed for some frantic fucking, it was amazing how many loads of cum this guy could produce in just one night.In the morning we showered together and he left leaving me to my memories when an old school friend arrived, well I just had to tell her all about my new lover, it got her quite exited and she was shifting about on her chair, whats the matter I asked, oh just picturing you naked with a guy between your thighs she replied, its got me really damp.

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