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Like golden feathers, you can collect these and trade them in. Grab a stick and use it to burn the barricade in this room. Use the bomb to blast the rock on top and you've created a quick shortcut that can warp you back to the entrance.

Work toward that magic 40 to get something truly special... Walk up the steps and light the two torches to unlock the door. Cross the rope bridge and get ready for more battling.

The door will lock after you enter and you will have to find all enemies in this room to unlock it again.

There are three of them, two of which are hidden in pots.

Step on the switch to open the door and go through it. Walk to the middle of the rope bridge and the guard on the other side will come after you.Take them down, then light the torch in the area to the right (shown below).Find the treasure chest in the corner (you can see it on the map) and open it to get a Joy Pendant.If you want some more rupees, there is actually a second secret passage on top of the next block (one level higher.Pull the next block out as appropriate to reveal it and collect the rupees. Just pull the right block towards you, then the one in the middle. Watch out, there's a nasty rat here who likes to steal your money. But did you know that you can also get some valuable stuff from rats?

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