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So they fleshed out the other Nazi, and he fell into my lap.

It was convenient, it was acceptable, I could even make sense of the character, and besides, it was four weeks work in Portugal, where I'd never been before." See more » As Dr.

Laurence Olivier gives possibly the worst performance of his career while Gregory Peck seems to be giving an impersonation of Basil Fawlty , oh gawd even James Mason is bad and that's not something I can say lightly Yeah this is an entertaining movie but if you're making a thriller it's vital that you thrill the audience and not have them rolling in the aisles with something that feels like it's a sequel to THE PRODUCERS .

Super Chat is a new way for fans and creators to interact during live streams.

Someone rightly points out that personality is possibly more to do with environment that genetics , so how come nobody realises that Nazi Germany wasn't all down to Hitler ?

I'm thinking of millions of Germans who fought and lost a world war from 1914 to 1918 and tens of millions of Germans being affected by the terms of the Versaille treaty .

Super Chats stand out from other messages in two ways: The color of your Super Chat, the period of time it stays pinned in the ticker, and the maximum message length are determined by the amount of your purchase.Josef Mengele and Wheelock are talking, and Wheelock hasn't yet put the dogs out of the room, Mengele sits on the couch and you can see the boom mic's shadow moving on the wall to the right.See more » I didn't thunk much of this movie and much of the blame should be centered on Ira Levin's source novel .Note: Please see System Requirements and Availability for supported browsers and applications.You can make a purchase from You Tube or You Tube Gaming on your computer or in the mobile app. Please see System Requirements and Availability for more information.

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