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It is our intention to continue to live true to the principles of depression free living.What happened during those ten days that helped me and my son to heal and to get back to a state of happiness and equilibrium?I’m still getting benefit from those socks you gave us!!Whenever I want some extra loving care I wear them to bed and feel loved and cared for. – Lilly, California “I have been suffering since the age of 12 when I came home after an explosion and saw my father burning to death.The same psychologist was amazed upon the follow up visit following the Depression Recovery Program.

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I have the tools and the skills now to overcome emotional problems that may arise. He is on a life path that will bring him success and happiness because he now incorporates the principles of a depression free life. Nedley and his team of specialists at the Depression Recovery Program.

Severe anxiety, made it hard for me to do some basic things like opening letters. My mother, who is a physician, knew I was suffering from both anxiety and depression and told me I had to come to this program to get the help I needed. At other times I would have periods of more normal energy for me, but those periods were rated as high energy by my psychiatrist so I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

One drug was not enough, two drugs were not enough, three drugs were not enough.

We finally decided that we had nothing to lose by attending the program.

The psychologist our son was working with at the time told me that if I thought that a ten day spa holiday would turn the situation around I was seriously mistaken.

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