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But Peskov denied that any such material existed, damning the claims as 'pulp fiction'.The memo stated that the dossier has been compiled since her husband Bill's presidency and that it 'comprised mainly eavesdropped conversations of various sorts rather than details/evidence of unorthodox or embarrassing behavior'.

Advantage: Ukraine by a hair You will not find much in the way of value in Russia.It says: 'Trump's unorthodox behavior in Russia over the years had provided the authorities there with enough embarrassing material on the now Republican presidential candidate to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.'In a press conference today, the President-elect pointed out that because Russian hotel rooms are known to be rigged with cameras, no one would choose to engage in potentially compromising behavior there.Degrading acts in bed used by president: The extraordinary - and entirely unverified - allegations that Donald Trump ordered prostitutes to commit degrading sex acts in the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow are contained in a dossier drawn up by a former British spy At one point the memo suggests Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov 'controlled' another dossier containing compromising material on Hillary Clinton compiled over 'many years'.The memo also adds how the aim of the leaking of Democratic party emails to Wiki Leaks was to swing supporters of Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic nomination to Clinton, away from her and to Trump.I spent five weeks in the Siberian city of Tomsk and two weeks in Moscow.

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