Senior lesbian dating

"Thanks, Seth, I was having a little trouble with that." Oh, god, what a stupid thing to say, thought Zoe. When they wanted someone to do the climbing to form the pyramid it was Zoe.

"My pleasure." Zoe walked over to the storage room and placed the box of paints on the shelf. " "Well, I would like to take a girl that is on the cheerleading squad to the prom, but I don't know how to ask her. " Zoe had an enormous grin and even had to suppress a giggle or two, but she was enjoying this too much. If there were to be leaps or splits it was always Zoe.

The author does not necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities described.

***** Seth was the most sort after males in the whole of Clement High.

As he sat there with his legs spread apart and loosely hung over the edge of the table, Zoe was provided a show. " Zoe was now smiling in spite of her effort to look angry with Seth, but she was enjoying herself too much. Zoe was a very slender and of medium height, with a very nicely proportioned body.

His hairy testicles were laying visible just inside of the short shorts. Here jet black contrasted with the other members blond or bottled blond hair.

"Here let me get that for you." Zoe turned to see Seth striding up the corridor toward the door where she was standing. He smiled to reveal an alabaster wall of perfect teeth, that accented his golden complexion and sparkling aquamarine eyes.

If she want with Seth, then she would be the envy of all the girls in school, and besides, it would give Mary Lu the royal shaft! " Zoe nodded her approval and Seth turned and bolted from the room in the direction of the locker room.

However, if she did go with Seth all the kids would think she was going to go to bed with him. " Seth came up off the table like a rocket and took Zoe in his long muscular arms and pulled her toward him. Although neither touched the other in sensitive areas, Zoe felt a weakness in her knees and Seth was quivering like a leaf in a Shaking Aspen. Two weeks later on the night of the prom Seth in his black tuxedo and Steward plaid cumber bun, and bow tie arrived to pick up Zoe in a white full stretch limo.

The bulge that was barely concealed beneath the satin green shorts, made Zoe blush ever so slightly. She wore it almost to her shoulders and combed down very straight with only a slight turn under at the ends. Her dark tan complexion in contrast to her crystal blue eyes captivated those who looked upon her.

"I guess I have a reputation." Seth said, as his face took on an almost crimson patina, as his eyes concentrated on the floor he leaned forward and rested on his arms. Nor was Zoe known for dating much and those that had dated her said she was a cold fish, but Seth had seen in her the qualities he wanted to touch.

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