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Even though that might not be true, she’s still going to think that way. Facebook, Instagram) make sure that you don’t appear lonely.

Some guys don’t even post anything on social media and when their ex girlfriend stops by to have a look, she sees the same old profile photo and status updates and assumes that he’s just sitting around missing her.

Just relax and let her see that you’re strong and have been doing fine since the break up. Do begin to fix any insecurities that you have regarding your ex (e.g.

jealousy, feeling like you’re not good enough for her, clinginess, etc) before you meet up with her in person to attempt a reconciliation.

So, whenever you interact with her, make sure that you display emotional strength by being confident, having high self esteem and being positive about your life and where it’s going.

Don’t try too hard to seem super happy and confident without her.

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